Welcome to WCS Tech Team

Emily Chao(elchao2), Berwin Xie(bxie6)

Break Da Ice

Plans for the Year

  • Tutorials - once weekly
  • Brainstorming Session - Individual vs. Group
  • Project Meeting - status meeting (weekday), dev meeting (weekend)
  • March - Engineering Open House Presentation
  • April/May - WCS Banquet Presentation


  • Git
  • Web Part I: intro to web development
  • Web Part II: intro to data-binding for the web
  • Slackbot: a gentle intro into APIs
  • Web Part III: intro to adding a backend for your website and making your own API
  • Chrome Extension: a fun excursion with the browser
  • Data Analytics: intro to the world of data science and visualization



  • Mailing List
  • Facebook Group - WCS Tech Team 2016-2017
  • WCS Office Hours - 2-3pm every weekday
    • Berwin's - Monday
    • Emily's - Wednesday