About Tech Team

Welcome to Tech Team, WCS' sub-committee for technical projects. Our goal is to help you demo a project at EOH in March and get some project experience put on your resume!

This year, we will first be focusing on tutorials, one tutorial per week. After a couple weeks of tutorials, we'll have a brainstorming session, where you can brainstorm your project that you'd like to work on. You may do either an individual project or work with a group! After everyone's had their project brainstormed, we'll have 2 meetings a week, one during the week which will serve as a status meeting and one during the weekend which will serve as a dev meeting.

For all of the details about our plans this year, please reference this link.

Upcoming Events

Code Ada

Have a project you've been dying to create? Or just looking for some hands-on coding experience? Then join us at WCS's all-female, 11 hour hackathon! Held on Nov 3 at Siebel, you do not want to miss this opportunity to create something amazing with some amazing people. RSVP on Facebook by clicking the button below!


Project Resources