Mentoring Program

WCS Mentoring strives to provide opportunities and resources for new freshmen, transfer members, and current UIUC students to promote professional, personal, and academic development. We work with ACM to administer the ACMxWCS Mentorship Program, which allows for incoming freshmen and transfer students to connect with upperclassmen, so they can put their best foot forward as they start or continue their college career at UIUC. We also have a semesterly Breaking the Glass Ceiling (BTGC) event, where we have a panel discussion about the importance of various types of diversity. Mentoring also organizes lean-in circles, which are workshops based off of Sheryl Sandberg's Lean-In. This year, we will begin incorporating study sessions for major CS classes within our events. Be sure to keep an eye out for more details on our Facebook page!

What is Lean In?

Lean In is a book written by Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg that touches on different topics of personal development for women who aspire to be in leadership positions. It also gives details on unconscious bias and other factors that may be hindering women's professional progress, and how men and women can work together to ensure more equal professional opportunity.

The book inspired Sandberg to start an organization where people can start Lean In Circles across many campuses and organizations. We take select topics from this book along with other resources to form our own monthly circles. If you are interested in reading Lean In, copies are available for check out in the WCS office (Siebel Center 1318)!

Past Events